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    Over the past 33 years, Poor Richard’s has been bringing on the day with all day breakfast and a casual family dining experience. From freshly cracked eggs to craveable salads and burgers, Poor Richard's Cafe has an endless list of possibilities to fuel your day.

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The owner is an easy going, fun going guy. the food is fabulously tasty and reasonably priced. you will not leave unsatisfied. The people and staff are close its a place where you go and go back. 23 yrs now and i still go back,its top of my list. The food and memories i have gained on every visit is why i still go. Most of the same staff will always be there. its always nice to see familiar faces or have your order remembered. Nomination: Best Service

i had very good service when i visited this restaurant. the food was excellent in my opinion. Award Nomination: Best Service

two words. Greasy. and spoon. Diner fare at its best.

As classic as a classic diner can get. The usuals -- eggs, toast, hashbrowns and great columbian coffee. The atmosphere is fun -- large fish tanks with eels and boat pictures galore. Being in Michigan, be prepared for cigarette smoke along with your omelette - but this is a place where you'd expect the waitress to take your order with a smoke hanging out the side of her mouth... haha. Cheap. Perfect
Julia H. (Chicago, IL)

When Nate Bandit of Louisville's Bourbon Bandits described this diner as a place "that gives you the meat sweats," I knew I had to try it. Poor Richard's offers indoor smoking, bottomless cups of coffee and meat-intensive platters of greasy goodness. On day one, I had the chicken fried steak, three eggs, hashbrowns and toats. The steak arrived smothered in gravy. The hashbrowns were perfectly crispy, and the toast was two FULL slices of toast. It was enough food to two. I ate the whole thing for less than $6. On day two, I had the biscuits and gravy (again with toast and hashrowns). It was delicious and hugely filling. This place is hangover slayer, and every morning is a low-key party. The tables are big and can be joined together for maximum mob action.
Kiarash Z. (Lima, OH)

You cannot say enough about the quality of this restaurant. The food is great, the price is right, and the atmosphere terrific. Guy Fieri of 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' needs to visit Richards.
Grace A. (Kalamazoo, MI)

My husband & I eat out a lot & this is one of our favorite places. Good home cooking at an affordable price. Love it!

The Best!! great food...reasonable prices...excellent service FAST!!
Willy E.

I had a great breakfast here, the cornbeef hash was great!!! the service was top knotch! Just don't believe all ya here about this place. I guess since old richard is sooooo poor rumors are he serves coon and possum! lol All i can say if it is, it's the best possum i've ever had! lol enjoy and have some fun with it
Cass H.

Great food good prices and nice people overall goo place to eat i love breakfast here!
David A.

The steaks are excellent what I heard they are Coon and possum, coffee is great and the waitresses are always there with refills, orders are filled and sent after the time you come in and set yourself down. I recommend this place this place is spectacular.

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